About Us - School History

Diamond Creek East Primary School (DCEPS) is situated in a growing residential area north of Melbourne that still has the charming attributes of a rural township. The school is located adjacent to Diamond Valley College with other neighbouring schools including Diamond Creek Primary School, Hurstbridge Primary School, Wattle Glen Primary School and Sacred Heart Primary School. DCEPS enjoys a close association with many schools in the area either through sporting events or through the Middle Years of Schooling Network. The majority of children attending the school are driven in private vehicles while some walk or ride their bicycles.

Diamond Creek was first settled in the mid 1870s as a gold settlement and later developed as an orchard area. Diamond Creek East Primary School is very much involved in its community, which offers a range of family and sporting activities. The employment situation in the catchment area varies from the self-employed and professional occupations to a relatively low percentage of families on Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) although this is increasing slightly.

The current enrolment is 446 and it is expected that this number will decline to 375 over the next 3 years. There has been a slight increase in the number of boys enrolled at the school over the past two years and this has impacted on the structure of classes in the lower grades. The Students With Special Learning Needs (SLN) index is 0.3968 placing Diamond Creek East (DCE) in the Like School Group 1. This group is characterised by nil, or very low, proportions of Languages Other Than English (LOTE) speakers at home and low numbers of EMA recipients.

There are 26 teaching staff employed at the school and 8 non-teaching staff including SSOs and After School Hours staff. Staff are employed at a range of time fractions to suit the requirements of the students and the curriculum programs available at the school. There is an accepted expectation that all children, staff and parents work together to achieve the school goals for the benefit of all. The caring, professional, staff values all children and is dedicated to providing an excellent curriculum and high quality resources. This is supported with a high parent participation in all aspects of school life, including classroom programs, formal school operations via School Council and the Parents, Teachers and Friends Committee (P.T.F.C.) and informal school activities such as working bees and social occasions.

Information disseminates within the school both informally and formally through regular newsletters, meetings and information sessions. The school’s assessment and reporting procedures enable ongoing and comprehensive communication between teachers and parents to ensure student progress is closely monitored and needs are addressed.

The school has spacious, well-maintained grounds, with a well-equipped adventure playground, sporting areas and room for active and passive play, including a courtyard and rotunda. It has a fully computerised Library, well equipped Art room, a Reading Recovery resource room, canteen and purpose built toilet and shower facilities for the disabled. The classrooms are air conditioned, carpeted, have individual gas heaters and are connected through an intercom system. An Out of School Hours program operates each morning and afternoon in well-equipped rooms on the school grounds. A recent building program has added a modern, larger library, new permanent classroom spaces, a new canteen, a technology/computer room and an interview room.

Diamond Creek East Primary School offers a comprehensive, sequential, and integrated curriculum in the eight key learning areas with extensive resources and well planned support programs. These include excursions that are in direct support of all class activities, life education, swimming, religious education, bike education, camping, interschool sport, health and human relations, school band, junior school council, perceptual motor program and parent education programs.

The school operates specialist programs in Library, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Physical Education, Music and L.O.T.E. The school has a commitment to the integration of students with special needs and to extension programs for the gifted and talented.

Diamond Creek East Primary School is a school of excellence; with dedicated, caring teachers and parents actively engaged in providing the resources and curriculum that will develop happy, productive learners. Diamond Creek East Primary School is all about children.